Hello Anxiety, is a digital worksheet that serves as a resource to mindful self-reflection to influence your thoughts and inform your responses. It is a part of Mental Health Check-Ins collection, which encourages checking in with different feelings and areas in your life as and when the need be.


This worksheet is available as a digital .pdf that you can print out from your home computer or fill-in and save with adobe acrobat .pdf reader.


  • Meeting Anxiety
  • Introduce yourself to Anxiety
  • Reflection Questions
  • Exploring Grounding Techniques
  • Additional Page to Journal



This worksheet is made available as a digital product to encourage the affordability and accessibility of this resource. Please do not distribute it for profits or use it commercially. If you'd like to use this in your program, setting, or retreat, you can reach us at sex.love.andot@gmail.com for a bulk order quote.

Meet and Greet: Hello Anxiety,

  • This file consists of 5 online editable and printable pages.


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