Welcome to this resourceful journey of unlearning the assumptions and biases to unpack the skills of asking the right questions by honing the skills to conduct Sexual Health Interviews with clients.

This 80minute session will help you guide through the following areas:

  • Understanding Sexuality and Sexual Health
  • Need for a Sustainable Sexual Health Delivery Model
  • Impact of Occupational Injustice on Sexual Health
  • Models, Approaches and Techniques to History Taking
  • Integrating various Models for asking the Right Questions
  • Goal-Setting, Documentation, and Referrals
  • RICE: Reducing Occupational and Medical Injustice


BONUS: It includes an additional Sexual Health Resources guide to further extend & enhance your knowledge and resource tools in hand.



  • Who is this for?

Any healthcare student or practitioner who wants to learn, enhance, or expand their learning and skills of addressing sexuality and intimacy in practice. The resources included are not only equip beginners with standard questions to ask but also provide tools to practitioners who are or want to integrate these services in their practice.  


  • What's so cool about this resource?

This comprehensive resource is specially curated where we introduce not just one, but 5 models and frameworks to approach & addressing intimate occupations. This resource also provides insight on how to tackle clinician biases and challenge presumptions around Sexuality. It follows a trauma-informed, queer-affirming, and gender-neutral language & approach preparing you to integrate these skills in any setting you practice in. We also cover goal setting, documentation, and referrals, especially in sexuality-based interventions. We don't have to deal with everything if we don't want to, which is why it's always essential to know what are limitations are and how can that not hamper our client treatment.


  • How long will you have access to this video resource?

Once you make a purchase, this resource stays with you forever!! ​​​​​Watch, re-watch, and complete it at your own pace.​​


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us & we'd be happy to guide you through this video resource.    


Let the learning begin! 

Recorded Webinar: Sexual Health History Taking

  • File includes:

    • 2 PDF files (introduction and resource guide)
    • 1 MP4 file (recorded webinar)

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