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Refinery29 Australia

Disabled People Use Sex Toys, Too, So Why Aren’t They More Accessible?

4.4 million Australians live with disability. While tools that help people eat, wash and walk are widely understood and accepted, there’s a long way to go to rid the taboo of adaptive technology for self-pleasure and sex. “A healthy sex life, whether solo or with a partner, is vital for people with disabilities, just as it is for anyone,” Dr Sakshi Tickoo, occupational therapist and author of SexCare, tells Refinery29 Australia.


Dry Humping Deserves To Be Brought Back Into The Limelight

Dry humping is proof that sometimes the sexiest moments are where clothes stay on but inhibitions are left at the door! Yet, despite its playful allure, dry humping—also known as outercourse, dry sex, or frottage—has found itself overshadowed in recent years, but we're here to flip the script. “The sociocultural norm that anything that isn’t penetrative is not ‘real’ sex has been one of the primary reasons why dry humping is overlooked,” Sakshi explains.

That Sassy Thing

Elaborative Guide To Squirting

Sakshi Tickoo, a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist and Sex Educator weighed in on one of the most brewing questions on every woman's mind regarding squirting: Can everyone do it and how to begin on this journey of sexploration.

Zee News India

Listen, Learn, Respect: Tips On Building Boundaries And Dating Confidently

Having a conversation about boundaries with your date can not only help prevent misunderstanding but also promote mutual respect. Dr Sakshi Tickoo, Occupational Therapist and Sexuality Counselor contributed to Tinder Love and Care to share tips to approach this conversation with confidence.

Sexuality and Intimacy Textbook: An Occupational Therapy Approach

Edited by Dr. Ellis and Dr. Ungco (AOTA Press)

Sexual and intimate occupations encompass a broad range of personally meaningful activities. However, lack of knowledge, bias, embarrassment, and other barriers can prevent practitioners from addressing sexuality and intimacy with their clients. This textbook presents a comprehensive and holistic occupational therapy approach to sexuality that challenges readers to consider co-existing perspectives and practices related to sexual occupations and equips them to effectively address this important area.

The OT Collective Book

The OT Lifestyle Movement

The OT Collective is a 100+ page book weaving together wisdom and insight from 50 occupational therapists from around the world, all doing meaningful work. Learn from OTs working in the areas of art, accupressure, bodywork, circus, conscious parenting, farm-based practices, lactation, neurology, oncology, sexology, spirituality, tech innovation and so much more!

The Midlife Crisis

Introducing Sex Toys In The Bedroom

Our bodies are constantly changing, as are our needs in bed. For women above the age of 30, according to Dr Tickoo’s client base, both internal and external environments matter. To help solve some of these sex and relationships problems, Dr Tickoo “prescribes” sex toys to her patients.


All Your Questions About Having A Fetish, Answered 

Kink was originally considered as a sexual deviation from the general social norm. However, as medicine advanced, we understood human psychology and sexual behaviors better to make sense of what kinks are, how are they formed, and what does it include. 


Feeling More Anxious Than Usual About Sex?

As pandemic precautions have lifted, we’re free to gather and hook up again—so why does sex still feel so anxiety-inducing?

Brazen Education with Educator Barnes

Episode 51: Let's Talk About Sex Education (Part 1)

Educator Barnes speaks to Dr. Sakshi Tickoo, Occupational Therapist & Sexuality Counselor, and Ashley Robertson, Inclusive Sex Ed Educator about barriers faced in delivering sex education to our youth and what strategies parents need to create and develop to be an askable parent.


What to Know About The Plumber Position

Your mini *inspiration* guide to know everything about the plumber position and get you started on your sexual experimentation journey!

Girl Boner Radio

Sex Aspirations for The New Year with Dr. Tickoo

Why resolve to something diminishing when you can set your sights on something more fun? Dr. Sakshi Tickoo weighs in for Girl Boner Radio listeners as we switch another calendar year.


An Adult's Guide to Using Erotic Content With Your Partner(s)

According to some sex educators and relationship therapists, watching erotica can bring a whole lot of good (nay, great) to a relationship! Here is what you need to know.

South Asian OT Experience

Episode 1: Culture Based Occupations

The first episode of the South Asian Occupational Therapy Experience explores the white history of occupational therapy, identities from different cultural backgrounds, and decoding meaningful occupations in a cultural context.

OT 4 Lyfe

Episode 84: Sex, Love, and Occupational Therapy

Do you address sex, sexuality, and sexual health as a part of your occupational therapy practice? In today’s episode, Dr. Sakshi Tickoo joins me on the show to share the how and why we need to be addressing sexuality with our clients. And let me just say, addressing sex and sexual health is not only for practitioners working with adults, it’s important aspect to consider when working with clients across the lifespan.

Arthritis Life 

Episode 11: How to Value Self-Love and Sexual Pleasure when Living with a Disability

Cheryl and Dr. Sakshi Tickoo, a Mumbai-based Occupational Therapist who founded “Sex, Love and OT” discuss how people with disabilities can successfully navigate sexual relationships and be empowered to value their own self-love and sexual pleasure.

The Occupational Therapy Hub

Symbolic Interaction of Sexuality and Cultures

Human cultures are multi-layered, ever-emergent symbolic interactions. At the core of culture lies social life. Cultures are never tight, fixed or agreed upon, but are multi-layered 'mosaics of social worlds.

The Occupational Therapy Hub

Indian Narrative of Sexuality: An Occupational Therapy Perspective

Are occupational therapists, representing this diverse community, prepared to take the onus on initiating and discussing concerns of clients in this domain of intimate ADL?

Occupational Therapy Disruptors: What Global OT Practice Can Teach Us About Innovation, Culture, and Community

Written by Sheela Roy Ivlev

This anthology collates 16 unique and powerful perspectives from occupational therapists around the globe, each highlighting the culture that they are a part of and how it informs their work and care. Based on a series of interviews conducted by Sheela Roy Ivlev, each account provides candid and personal reflections and challenges found in occupational therapy in different cultural and political contexts and inspires occupational therapists to enrich their own practice with cultural awareness and reflexivity. 

The OT Lifestyle Movement

Episode 106: Sexuality, Sexual Identity, Gender, Pronouns & Intimacy ft. Dr Sakshi Tickoo

In this episode we are talking all about sexuality, an often overlooked aspect of the human experience in our OT field, and how can OTPs approach, address, and develop treatment plans working in this area of occupation.


Threesomes And Your Guide To Navigating Them

There may be multiple reasons why a threesome might be on your mind. Sakshi Tickoo, an occupational therapist and sexuality counsellor, explains that “Individuals with a shared interest in the fantasy of threesomes often engage in voyeuristic and exhibitionist behaviours sometimes, often discreetly.” 

Tinder Love & Care

Tinder x That Sassy Thing

A dating and sexual wellness guide for women daters in India.

The Uncommon OT Series 

OT in Sexuality 

Patricia and Sakshi discuss what inspired Sakshi to work in the area of sexuality, her current uncommon OT work and whom she serves, and her future vision and advice for occupational therapy students and practitioners globally.


Occupational Therapists Guide To Addressing Sexuality

As occupational therapists, we do not have the power or choice to decide what subjects to bring up and what to leave according to our convenience and who to bring it up with if we claim to be a client-centered and holistic profession. It is important for therapists to address sexuality using age and developmentally appropriate approaches based on the client’s age, accessibility, and support needs. 

Women's Health

What Is A Twin Flame In Astrology, And How Can You Tell If You’ve Found Yours?

"Nothing guarantees sexual compatibility, no matter how great the chemistry is. Chemistry comes and goes," Tickoo explains as experts share their views on twin flames and how it is different from other relationships.


What Happens If You Don’t Have Sex For A Long Time? Experts Discuss The Effects Of Dry Spells

The pandemic subjected people to longer dry spells. Single or partnered, people had lesser sex and it is still the case in the post-pandemic world. But how exactly does a sexless time in your life affect you? Here’s us pondering on a few essential questions you might be curious about. 

OT After Dark

Episode 30: What Is Your Fantasy?

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Tickoo from Sex, Love, And OT as she talks about fantasies and sex, and how OT practitioners can use fantasy in practice.

Man's World India Magazine

The Other Side of Intimacy

Afterplay is as important as foreplay, and dysphoria after a sexual encounter can feel overwhelming. I write a piece for Man's World India magazine January 2022 edition exploring the other side and after effects of what we think is sex gone wrong.


Master The Butterfly Position

No sex position can be everything to everyone, but the Butterfly comes pretty damn close. Why? Because it’s so easy, yet so good. Learn how you can make it great, alternatives to this position and what you need to bear in mind before beginning you decide to fly away.

Disability After Dark

Episode 239: "I helped my client get setup on a dating website!"

I sit down with Mumbai India based Occupational Therapist, Dr. Sakshi Tickoo.  We talk about her experiences as a sick child, and how her love of the human body, multiple disabilities and other factors meant that being an OT chose her.  Dr. Tickoo shares with us the cultural differences of being an OT in India versus in North America, she shares how views are changing around that, we learn the difference in what it means to “live independently” in India and we talk about dating, sex and disability + so much more!  Enjoy!


Episode 99: Sexualization and Identity ft. Sakshi Tickoo

This episode we explore the concept of sexualization how that relates to identity and what this means for Occupational Therapy practitioners.

XES Products

Replacing The P in Pain With Pleasure

Pain is multi-faceted and can be especially challenging for many of us to navigate in the world of sexuality. In this piece, I discuss ways to connect with your sensuality, how to explore various types of intimacy, and develop a pleasure practice.

OT & Chill

Episode 18: Let's Talk About Sex

Conversations about sex with those we work with can at times be a tricky one to navigate. It is however an occupation most human beings engage in at some point in their lives and therefore is important that Occupational Therapists are able to work with this when it arises in practice. In this episode, I discuss all things sex with Dr Sakshi Tickoo.

Sarah Sarosh | A Girl Just Like You

Sarah and Dr, Tickoo get the pride month started with facts and answering all your hot questions on sexuality!

The Occupational Therapy Hub

The Circle of Life: Sexuality Through Early Life Stages

Natural and healthy sexual exploration during childhood is an information gathering process. At a very young age, children begin to explore their bodies by touching, poking, pulling, and rubbing all their body parts, including their genitals. Hence, it becomes essential for children to learn about sexuality throughout the course of their life. The more information that parents have about psycho-sexual development, the better will they be able to respond to their child's behaviours.

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