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Myths of Loose Vagina and Tightening Creams


What are the solutions for loose vagina? Is it safe to use vaginal tightening creams if I am planning pregnancy? Also, could you suggest a cream?


First off, there is no such thing as a loose vagina. Whoever made you or makes you feel that way- DITCH THEM! Vulvas come in various shapes, sizes and colors with variation in the way labia appear (outer lips). Vagina is an elastic organ meaning it can stretch in size and return to its original shape. However, vagina can lose its elasticity over time because of aging or post child birth (vaginal delivery) but that does not make it loose. With a good pelvic floor and core strengthening routine, one can efficiently maintain the elasticity of the vagina. If you are planning to get pregnant, I’d recommend staying away from such creams because some of them can kill the sperms or reduce their viability and/or motility, reducing your chances of getting pregnant. I, for one, am against the use of any tightening, whitening creams hence I will not be suggesting any. Vagina is an introverted, low maintenance organ. Leave it alone!! Invest in a good physical therapist or occupational therapist instead.

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