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Oral Play Essentials

I'm back with another essentials guide to help you get better (and creative) at giving and receiving oral and making it more fun for your future sexual experiences.


Brush your teeth or quickly rinse your mouth before getting into any oral business to minimize the risk of infections. As a general rule of thumb, remember to rinse your mouth and pee before and after your intimate adventures. This allows you to flush the bacteria out of the system naturally making your encounters more safer.

Additionally, chances of giving or getting an STI is drastically increased during oral sex so choose a barrier method (dental dams, condoms, gloves, finger gloves) of your choice to keep all of your protected and get tested regular if you are engaging with multiple partners.


Communicating in speech or sound is a good way to give your partners a real time feedback on how good they are doing or not doing. Keep a soft eye contact to co-create a pleasurable time with your partners and take off the performance stress. Oral is an incredibly intimate and conscious act and for it to work you need to guide you partners on what pressure, spots, tongue actions, angles, and positions work the best for you.

If you plan on moving to a different spot or adding a new tool, ask and then incorporate into the play. Ongoing consent deepens intimacy and allow one to be on the same page as their partners.


Having a lube handy for all sexual adventures is always the smart choice. You will run out of saliva eventually, so invest in a good lube to not only last longer, but also take the load off your mouth. You can always choose from a bunch of options - flavored, CBD, cold lubes, etc. to spice the stimulation for yourself and your partners.

Introducing aids/tools like pillows, vibrators, whips, ropes, feather, nipple clamps, rolled towels, etc. can not only help with simultaneous stimulation but also relieve the pressure from the pelvis making oral a not-so taxing process.


Oral sex isn't a race to orgasm, but a pleasure journey that has to be savored. Take your time to explore the body and its pleasure potential. This allows access to the whole of the body and creates opportunity to learn about your partners as well. Not to mention that it's a great time to pull the experiment guns - right from food play, role plays, teasing to cuddling and more intimate play - there are a broad range of opportunities and play when it comes to oral sex.

You just need to pace it and take your time enjoying it!


Oral isn't only about your tongue game, it's about getting creative. Teeth, tongue, lips, fingers, breathwork, sensual touch, eye contact all are crucial elements of a good oral play. You can also use positions to your rescue here to experiment with sensations and pleasure play.

The only thing to remember here is that there is no one size fits all. Go with whatever pleasures you and your partners. Try to learn along the journey and stop putting pressure to achieve the big-O.

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