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Your Penis Needs Moisutrization

Question: Can I apply body lotion on my penis to reduce chaffing?

Answer: Absolutely!! Penis is also a part of your body and needs humectant to lock in moisture. It can be especially important if you chafe frequently or are living in a place that has a cold weather. However, that being said, you need to remember a few things:

  • Use a fragrance free, non-alcohol based product (Cetaphil is one of the safer options I recommend to my clients)

  • Use a dime sized amount of lotion and apply it evenly along the length of the shaft and the base.

  • It is okay to moisture the head, but be careful to not get any of the product in the urethra (aka pee hole).

  • Use a tissue or towel to pat dry any excess lotion.

In the end, remember to not use it as a replacement for lubricant and wash your penis before you indulge in any partnered, penetrative activities.

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