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For integrating Sexuality within
Occupational Therapy

This resource guide has been carefully crafted for both occupational therapy students and practitioners, serving as an all-encompassing hub of resources aimed at incorporating sexuality-related occupations into occupational therapy education, research, and practice.

Kindly note that this guide is a non-exhaustive and updated on a quarterly basis. If you are an occupational therapist engaged in work or research concerning sexuality, or if you know a colleague who should be featured in this resource section, please write to me with all the relevant details and help the global communOT learn and grow together.


  1. OT After Dark

  2. Here To F*ck Spiders Podcast

  3. Disability After Dark 

  4. The Bedside

  5. VagEsteem

  6. Man Enough

  7. Safeword Podcast

  8. The Dildorks

  9. You Are Not Broken

  10. In Bed

  11. Bad In Bed

  12. Doing It! With Hannah Witton

  13. The Plug Podcast With Luna Matatas

  14. Sex Ed with DB

  15. Sex And Psychology

  16. Better In Bed

  17. Freyja - Safety Is Sexy

  18. Lovers And Friends

  19. Sex With Emily

  20. Sex Ed With Tim 

  21. ReScript

  22. How I F*ck

  23. OTs In Pelvic Health

  24. The Sensual Self

  25. The Authentic Sex Podcast

  26. Where Should We Begin?

  27. Turn Me On

  28. Speaking Of Sex

Social Media

  1. Hannah Daisy @makedaisychains

  2. Sakshi

  3. Apurupa @inapurupriate

  4. SexGen-OTOS  @sexgenotos

  5. Rina @doing.therapy

  6. Kathryn Ellis @dr_kates 

  7. Dev Neu @therainbowot

  8. Danielle Shea @therapelvic

  9. Danika @danika.pelvic.ot

  10. Sujata @pelvic.soul

  11. Lindsey Novakovic @spoonie_ot

  12. Ryan Lavalley @ryan_lavalley

  13. Breanne @sexuality_and_ot

  14. Karla @sextoalidad

  15. Jenn @enbyot

  16. Kayla @crashconsultingllc 

  17. The OT Network @theotnetwork

  18. K & JJ @otafterdark

  19. Life of a Perinatal OT @lifeofaperinatal

  20. Alysha Oorjitham @sexiselfcare_

  21. Lindsey Vestel @functionalpelvis

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