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Sex, Love, OT.png


Consulting with Purpose

Sexuality and Counseling in Occupational Therapy may seem challenging; which is why I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. Namaste, I’m a queer, brown Occupational Therapist, Personal Counselor, and Student Mentor based in Mumbai whose priority is providing accessible, evidence-informed, queer-affirming, trauma-informed, disability-inclusive, and pleasure-centric education and care globally.

What I’m here to advocate is for everyone- with or without disabilities, straight or queer, casual or committed to be aware of their sexual rights and services available, and for everybody to experience filling, satisfactory, consensual, and exciting relationship(s) irrespective of their physical and/or mental health condition(s), sexual orientation and gender identity.

Since 2019, I’ve been serving a diverse group of clients aged 3 years to 75 years globally, be it healthcare providers or general population, through teletherapy and in-person sessions.

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