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Dr. T Recommends: Favorite Lube Picks Across The Globe

If you have been following my work here and, on my socials, you know I emphasize on why not all lubes are good lubes and why choosing the right one really matters. Lubricants can come in different types, those being water based, silicone based, oil based and hybrid types.

If that wasn’t easy to choose from, we have a multitude of brands globally trying to make their mark in sexual wellness domain by claiming to create lube formulas that are best for your body. While it takes an extensive research and experimentation to find which lube suits your body the best, I’m here today to highlight some of my favourite lubricant (products and brands) globally that I and research can definitely vouch for being:

  • within body tolerable osmolality levels

  • pH considered

  • made with all the good ingredients and

  • focus and/or sustainability

If you do not know what I’m talking about, you can watch the video below where I unpack about what these types of lubes are and why osmolality, pH and ingredients matter in lubricants.

Now, let's dive in, shall we?

1. That Sassy Thing:

A brand created with love and grown in Indian by Sachee Malhotra is everything this country needs to throw away those obnoxious ointments as That Sassy Thing comes with a range of sexual and menstrual wellness. They are made with all the good ingredients, balanced according to the vaginal pH and curated by keeping the bodies with vulvas in mind.

Browse their products here

2. My Muse:

Anushka and Sahil, a recently married couple, and the co-founders of My Muse are building a brand that aims to change the bedroom experience for all people. Their mission is simple — to make intimacy easy, approachable, and fun for the modern Indian through products designed to enhance the bedroom experience for pleasure, connection, wellness and well… fun.

Browse their products here

3. Good Clean Love:

Good Clean Love began back in 2003, when founder Wendy Strgar began experimenting with oils she found in her kitchen, and Good Clean Love’s line of aphrodisiac Love Oils was born. Soon after, she learned about the harmful ingredients most personal lubricants contain and set out to create a safe, organic personal lubricant: Almost Naked, which is by far one of the few iso-osmotic lubricants that’s out there.

Browse their products here

4. Maude:

As a modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity, we’re on a mission to make intimacy better—for all people. With their paraben-free, FDA-approved formula enhances the ease and comfort of intimate sexual activity with long-lasting lubrication. This hypoallergenic formula is odorless and non-sticky and is compatible with condoms and can be used underwater.

Browse their products here

5. Unbound Babes:

Their team of fourth generation vibe crafters takes immense pride in designing beautiful, affordable, body safe products for when you're feeling yourself. Their bestseller lubes include Jelly- slick and lovely water-based lube and Jolt- Stimulating Gel boasts organic extracts, peppermint oil, natural damiana, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine. Apply the gel to the desired area to increase blood flow and enjoy a warm, tingly sensation. Powerful but not overwhelming.

Browse their products here

6. Quim:

Founded by Cyo and Rachel, comes an intimate wellness line that infuses CBD and THC for our quims. So whether you’re looking to stimulate your libido, enhance lubrication or add a vaginal health supplement to your routine, they will help you find a product that is right for you.

Browse their products here

7. Yes Lube:

The idea that started The Yes Yes Company Ltd in 2003 arose between two friends, Susi Lennox and Sarah Brooks. Their ideology is simple- making a product with purity. By purity they mean all Yes products are free from hidden synthetic chemicals (harmful or not) and mucosal irritants, made from all the natural ingredients that look good and feel great on skin with complete transparency about the ingredients. And the best part they cover all the body parts by regulating lube pHs that suit the genitals.

Browse their products here

8. Uberlube:

We began that quest back in 2002. Our goal was to create a lightweight lubricant with long-lasting performance—one that doesn’t leave a sticky residue after the job is done. In 2004, after hundreds of formula iterations and extensive market testing, we launched our product, with its pure, simple ingredients packaged in the überlube trademark clear glass bottle.

Browse their products here

9. Get Frenchie:

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Frenchie is on a mission to create a global sexual wellness category for all whilst not forgetting sex is fun. It’s 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free, water based aloe lubricant with pH balanced formulation and are absolutely latex friendly.

Browse their products here

10. Sliquid:

Founded by Dean Elliott in 2002, Sliquid began as an intimate lubricant company offering only two products: Sliquid H2O and Sliquid Silver. Over the past two decades, the company has evolved into a comprehensive wellness product range of over 100 SKUs, truly offering something for everyone as they understand that sexual wellness is not a “one size fits all” situation.

Browse their products here

11. Dame:

Dame’s Alu is a water-based lube made from aloe vera and natural plant extracts, formulated to match the vagina’s pH. If you add in a little more investment, you get a textured silicone lube koozie (gripper) that hugs your Alu bottle to keep it within your grasp to avoid slip-ups! Currently, they ship their products in the USA and Australia only.

Browse their products here

12. Foria Wellness:

Foria is changing lives in the bedroom and beyond, with effective plant-based formulas designed for sexual healing, unforgettable pleasure, and vibrant wellbeing. They are committed to all-natural and organic ingredients – including CBD!

Browse their products here

13. Living Libations:

The word Living implies “alive,” and Libations are “a devotional offering of liquids.” The name Living Libations conveys the outpouring of nature's intelligent, vital liquids to honor human health and beauty. Infused with the dewy divinity of plant wisdom, Libations creations are innovations of exquisite quality that illuminate, calibrate, and celebrate the life-force of people, plants, and the planet brought by the creatives Nadine and Ron.

Browse their products here

14. Cake:

Founded by Hunter and Mitch and produced with love in California, Cake began because the founders couldn't find products made for how they like to play. The result? Tailor-made products for the bedroom, inspired by real couples, and designed for specific types of play. They make each product from the highest quality ingredients with a user-friendly guide to navigate them through the products that are a right fit for them.

Browse their products here


Established in 2012, Coconu was started by couple Angela and Taylor, who are committed to helping couples lead healthier, happier lives with 100% safe and organic products. With that aim, they introduced their first USDA certified organic coconut oil personal lubricant, which was followed quickly by a coconut water based lubricant. Out of respect for the environment, they use plant-based, non-GMO ingredients, which are USDA certified organic whenever possible, and plastic-free product packaging made in the US from sugar cane.

Browse their products here

16. Sutil:

Mellta Swift and Nathanda Swift, co-owners/creators of Hathor/SUTIL specialize in plant Aphrodisiacs. Hathor/SUTIL, known for natural ingredients and purity since its beginnings in 1989 and has supported organic farming and sustainable agriculture by importing organic and wild crafted essential oils from small farms around the world. Their Lubricant Pure contains organic emollients with aphrodisiac and anti-bacterial properties, including Horny Goat Weed, Jujube Zizyphus and Siberian Ginseng. Lubricant Pure is glycerin free and has a pH of 4.5 which is perfect to maintain your vaginas' natural flora. Lubricant Pure has a 'mid-range viscosity slide'

Browse their products here

17. Southern Butter:

Southern Butter is where skin care meets seduction created by Jodi and Jen (sisters), and Kathy (their mom). Each ingredient in their collections is thoughtfully selected for its purpose and intention. They offer plant-based, all-natural intimate products that soothe and stimulate the body, all while leaving skin silky smooth and emboldening you to awaken their arousal.

Browse their products here

18. Personal Fav:

It’s good to feel good. That why Personal Fav is dedicated to beautiful, clean, plant-powered personal intimacy products so people can enjoy their sex-lives to the absolute fullest with non-toxic everything and sustainability at its’ core.

Browse their products here

19. Wicked:

Wicked is premium and luxurious, water based personal lubricant made in the USA shipping their products worldwide. It is an ideal accessible product for people who want to enhance and experiment with their intimacy and sexual wellness. It is made with spa quality ingredients, olive leaf extract and contains Vitamin E. Vegan, and paraben free.

Browse their products here

20. Cliterally The Best:

Evie Plumb is the force and brains behind Cliterally The Best where, amongst other sex positive things, she launched an aloe based, hydrating, organic lube that heightens sensitivity without messing up your pH or sheets!

Browse their product here

21. Drip:

This Australian-owned brand is everything I love in a lube– it has sustainable packaging, no nonsense ingredients, low osmolality, and balanced pH levels. It is odour free and does not leave any nasty after taste making it an oral-friendly option.

Browse their products here

And that's all folx!! Also, kindly note that the products and brands mentioned here are not being ranked as I place them on this list. It's only because this list was functional and easier for me to put as I came across curating my favourites. If you have any products that you think fall into these categories, drop a comment and I'd be happy to get my research started.

Now go away and explore, sexuals!

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